Thursday, 21 November 2013

Google's Tour of Middle Eerth


Google's Tour of Middle Earth Is LOTR Like You've Never Seen Before

Eric Limer

Middle Earth is an amazing fictional world, but if you want to really get to know it

, you've got to read a lot of words. So if you're in the mood for a little Tolkien fantasy without hunkering down for a serious reading session, Google's brand new tour of Middle Earth is a beautiful (and effortless) way to get your fix.
A new Chrome Experiment, Google's Middle Earth tour takes the form of a beautiful map, peppered with with locations featured in The Hobbit, each with its own unique, mesmerizing, and pretty little mini-game experience. Whether you're deep into the lore, or just a passing fan who's seen half of a few of the movies, it's a great little diversion to help you waste a couple minutes traveling to a foreign land with visuals at least as good as your low-res imagination.


source:GIZMODO india

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