Monday 2 December 2013

PS4: '250k consoles sold in 48 hours in UK'

Sony’s PS4 has beaten the records of both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One to become the fastest selling video game console in UK history..


Sony sold over 250,000 PlayStation 4 consoles in just 48 hours in the UK, generating around £87 million in sales, according to trade magazine MCV, citing retail sources.
The figures blow first weekend sales of the Xbox One out of the water. MCV reported last week that Microsoft had sold 150,000 Xbox Ones in the UK during the first 48 hours after its launch, although neither Sony nor Microsoft have confirmed the numbers.
The PS4 was released in Europe and the UK last Friday, two weeks after it hit the shelves in America, where it sold over a million units in the first 24 hours it was on sale.
According to GfK Chart-Track, Call Of Duty: Ghosts has returned to the top of the UK video games retail sales chart, knocking last week's top seller, FIFA 14, into second place.
Every title in the 'All Formats' Top 10 is on PS4 apart from Grand Theft Auto V at number 7 and Batman: Arkham Origins at number 10, with the latter's return to the Top 10 attributed to Black Friday retailer promotions

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