Friday 22 November 2013

German newsreader's computer

German newsreader's computer accidentally shows live television audience his private stash of bikini pictures


It can happen to anyone - that sensitive web page you were looking at is accidentally seen by a colleague, or worse still, by your mother.

But a newsreader in Germany experienced the ultimate humiliation when his private images of scantily clad women were broadcast to the entire nation.
Jens Riewa hesitates as wrong image is broadcastUltimate blunder: Jens Riewa hesitates as wrong image is broadcast (Picture: YouTube)
Tagesschau presenter Jens Riewa quickly realised the mistake but had to skip through another three shots before he could finally focus on the important task of reporting the news.
Riewa skips to another picture of a bikini babeSource London Evening Standard

The clip, which was broadcast on the German television network ARD last year, has recently surfaced and scored hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. Watch the hilarious moment above.

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